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An International education combined with sports specific career advice and guidance

Are you an aspiring youth athlete looking to maximise your opportunities to have a career as a professional sportsperson?

If so read on! We will ensure that you have the most appropriate and relevant education to ensure that you can focus fully on developing your sporting skills without having to worry that you are wasting vital time and energy. Not only that you will gain access ot a network of some of the worlds leading professionals in your sport, who will help advise you to pursue your dream. But you will also gain access to communities of aspiring sporting kids just like you to share your journey and experiences with!

ASM Academy International Education programme
International Education

International Educations

The British International Curriculum is one of the most widley recognised education systems in the world. It is delivered in 160 countries world wide and by over 10 000 schools. The qualifications your child will receive are recognised the world over. One of the most attractive aspects of the curriculum is how flexible it is. We can mould and design the level of qualifications to match your childs exact needs, whether that be to gain entry to an "Ivy League" University, to gain access to a tertiary South African educational facility or to prepare them for turning pro.

ASM Academy ICE Certificate  programme
ICE Certificate

ICE Certificate 

The ICE Certificate is a group award of 7 x GCSE subjects. Students enter and sit examinations on the 7 subjects selected from the following 5 GCSE curriculum areas

Group 1 - Languages

Group 2 - Humanities

Group 3 - Sciences

Group 4 - Maths

Group 5 - Creative and Vocational   

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Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way little else does. It speaks to the youth in a language they understand

Nelson Mandela

Pathway Programme

Next steps in the path to greatness

ASM Academy NCAA Eligibility - US College Scholarships programme
NCAA Eligibility - US College Scholarships

NCAA Eligibility

We design personal academic plans for each of our students. All of them are designed to ensure that our students can train and play as hard as they need. Whilst maintaining the option to further their educations and studies. All of our educational programmes ensure NCAA eligibility. So if our students want to further their studies in the USA they can. In fact we can help and facilitate their successful placement at a US College. Should this be determined as the best path for the player.


ASM Academy Mentor advice and guidance programme
Mentor advice and guidance

Mentor advice and guidance

Making the transition from amateur to Tour Professional is one of the most challenging stages in a players career. Knowing when and how to turn professional to ensure a successful career in what has become an exceptionally competitive environment is challenging. Our team combined with our network of world leading sports professionals is able to help and advise each player as to the path they need to follow to maximise their chance of success.


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