#InspiringAfrica As Nelson Mandela observed "Sport has the power to change the world!"However every year thousands of aspiring young African athletes make poor choices about how to pursue their dreams and so they fail to realise them. MRIA was founded to help these aspiring youth athletes to realise their potential. By providing flexible International educations which allow the athletes more time to focus on their chosen sport whilst not jeopardising their educations. In addition to this by putting these athletes in touch with International management companies and institutions who can assist parents and athletes to create pathways to their dreams.

#International Educations
To make the step up to become a truly world class competitir most teenage athletes need to dedicate more time to their sport than traditional school allows. Our educational programme allows our students to have more flexibity with how and when they complete their studies. Without comprimising the quality of their educations.

#Next level thinking 
Most aspiring athletes fail to realsoe their potential, not becuase of a lack of talent. But because they make too many mistakes during the process. We help and support aspring elite athletes to follow tried and tested pathways to their sporting dreams. We help to make their aspirations and dreams, realities.

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The power of inspiration and aspiration

One of the challenges many young African's face is poverty of ambition. Their situation and circumstances impose limiting beliefs on their future potential to grow and develop. ASM's campaigns are designed to help young African's to learn to goal set and to achieve incremental goals towards their greater goal. In doing so we equip them with the tools to realize their own potential. We believe sport is uniquely placed to help out youth learn and develop these valuable life skills. 

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