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1 August 2018

Another 60 kids introduced to the game in George

Yesterday ASM provided 60 eager young 7 year olds with its fun #Activestart introduction to the game of golf.


According to a recent survey, a child is 270 times less likely to play the game if their parents do not play. ASM is committed to growing the game of golf sustainably in the Southern Cape. To do so it's essential that we engage with kids from all backrounds. Our #Activestart programme which is delivered in local schools helps to achieve this. Not only does it develop literacy, numeracy and physical literacy skills, its also a whole lot of FUN! The programme not only allows all children in local schools to trial the game but as it is linked to the programmes we operate at local golfing facilities it makes it easier for them to enter the game. If we are to make the game more accessible for all, we not only need to make more fun and inviting ways to start the game, but also to address the many barriers and challenges that exist for many young kids keen to play the game. Our #Activestart programme is the fun introduction to the game which is linked to our Target 36 and 27 events as well as the Primary school leagues. Through all of these activities we are creating different avenues to access the game beyond your more tradtional routes. If you know of any kids in the George area that may be interested in learning to play the game or participating in one of our fun events then please contact Roelof on 082 875 4385 or email

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