"Sport has the power to change the world!"Nelson Mandela. However every year thousands of aspiring young African athletes fail in their quest to pursue their dreams. MRIA was founded to help these individuals

Education Is The Answer
For aspiring youth athletes to be able to develop their skills to a world class standard, they need to dedicate more time to their sport than traditional schools allow. However doing so often means compromising the quality of their educations. Which is why we have developed an International education that ensures that our players can have the best of both worlds. More time to train and develop their skills. Whilst ensuring they receive a quality International education which will allow them to attend University if they require. 

Pathway Approach 

We work with a number of International Sports Management companies and US Colleges to ensure that every one of our students is following an appropriate pathway for them to maximise their chance at turning professional. Whilst at the sam etime ensuring that they have the necessary educational back up to pursue alternative careers, should they need to.

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Our partners have made an invaluable contribution to helping us achieve our objective of assisting aspiring athletes to fulfull their dreams.

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Giving your child the chance to fulfil their dreams!

Having a child who is focused on fulfilling their sporting dream is a challenging prospect. I know, as I was one. I created all sorts of challenges and difficulties for my parents. Whilst they simply wanted the best for me, they simply did not have the technical or industry specifc knowledge to help me make the right calls. Consequently I did not.

As a confident but hoplessly naive youngster I proceeded to make so many poor choices that my attempt to realise my sporting potential failed before it had even really begun. It was this personal experience that prompted a lifetime dedicated to helping support and assist aspiring youth athletes to make better choices than I did.

MRIA has been established to achieve a number of objectives. The first is to ensure that players have the time to dedicate to their craft, without jeopardising their educations. The second is to provide a support network for parents looking to help and guide their children. We can not only advise and help oursleves but we have accesss to a global network of the leading professionals and management companies who can too. Thirdly to create a peer to peer network for aspiring young athletes to share learnings and experiences with other like minded youth athletes. As they strive to push themselves to be the best that they can be.

We are so much more than just an education supplier. We offer every student a personalised pathway for how they can both realise their potential but also how to maximise their opportunities to make it in the world of competitive sport! Whether that pathway is to turn professional, to attend a US College on a Sport Scholarship or to undertake further studies whilst they develop their skills. We help plan and advise both student and parent how to best do so.






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